Mike Tyson coming back to ring || 3 Best sports news


Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was great boxer and now this news coming that Mike Tyson is coming to ring after many years , he is the youngest heavy weight champion in the history so he has million friends in all over the world in boxing sports, so i also him very much, so i am also very much happy that my start is coming back to ring, but here some people are thinking that is it possible for mike tyson to face new boxer in this situation but for this we have to wait for him to come in ring, lets see

welcome mike tyson coming back to ring, may Allah give you good health and strong power to win again best battle


Squash game corona virus

Pakistani squash player said in her interview that this time all player is facing very much financial and other issue because investor of sports are not giving importance to players so she said that squash is one of the best game that we can play in covid-19 so this news was very much shocking for the people who know that covid-19 spread with social distance , how a player can keep self protect from covid 19 in this game, but some experts is translating her interview in this way that she was saying that with the safty measurement we can take participate in squash game in the covid 19 ,


West Indies team is violating quarantine rules?

this time west indies cricket team is in newzland for series but all player are not following the rule of quratina so in this way, health board has great worry , all players are having meeting with each other and also not following in rule so in this way there are major chances that these will be cause of spreading the covid 19 so all player also got last notice of warnign from the newzland health board and also from its own coutnry , if team will not follow the rule then series can be affected with this behave hope you all enjoyed my today news post thank you very much for visiting my post


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tyson is my idol. I remember people in my village watching their fists crammed into the coffee shop. and I hope you also come to my posts all the time

Yes he is great boxer and i love him also his style of fight amazing yes i will dear to wach your post.