Female Sport?

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Greetings to you all.
Thinking about it for a while, I am forced to ask if there is any sport that is gender-based?
Is there any sport that is mainly for particular sex?
I have come to realize that sport is for all.
Or has there ever been a time that sport was gender-based?

As of today, I wanna talk about female sport and activities.
Whenever you hear females sports what comes to your mind first?

I went to an all-girls school as such ladies engage in all kinds of sports.
Maybe this is what made me think that Badminton is for girls alone. Forgive my naiveness😂🤭 that is how lame I think sometimes.

I mean we had internet and access to browsers yet at my tender age, I was still very naive and silly.
I know guys play badminton as well so it's not mainly for the ladies only.
But whatsoever made me think that badminton is for ladies alone is also making me ask this question.
Is there any sport that is gender-based?
If yes share with me. Before you tell me or ask me where my google ot browser is, let it be known to you that I use them well but I want to hear from the horse's mouth.

Let's discuss it.
Name those sport that is gender-based. Either of girls or guys.
One you won't find even one of both genders.

But before then, what do you think of Badminton as it is the original topic I wanted to write on today but because of one thing or the other I have decided to postpone it for another day so I can widen and broaden the topic.

Share your thoughts and view with me. Thank you in advance.

~ Sports Fairy