Football To Handball

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Has it ever happened to you?
Or better still, have you ever done it before?
I mean switching football to handball?
Well, this is what transpired between me and my siblings this evening.

After our normal house routines, without anything to do, we decided to go outside and catch some fun and exercise abit. I picked up my kid bro's football and decided to play it.
At first, I did it alone, after a while I recruited my two younger siblings to join me in the fun exercise.

We played football for a while but it was boring and a bit stressful because the space we used for playing football was rather too small and too tight. As such we couldn't freely play to our satisfaction so I came up with the idea of switching the football to handball.
This way we wouldn't have space problems or issues since the ball will be thrown up the air.
And the atmosphere is quite spacious. More than enough for us to enjoy our games.
The only difference between what we did today and the normal handball is that we didn't have a goal post to put the ball. We only passed the ball from one person to another.

This is how we ended up switching a football to a handball.
And I must say I liked it because it was fun and exciting.
Though I do this most times but it's been a while so I am glad to have such fun again today after a long while.

I am sure you had a blessed and rewarding day.
Do stay safe!

~ Sports Fairy