Outdoor Football

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A lovely Monday to you all.
It is a beautiful evening stroll. I accompanied my brother to refill our cylinder when suddenly I saw one of the primary schools hosting a football. Actually, the team used the school football field to carry out their match.
I don't exactly know if it's an actual match or they were just during training in preparation for a bigger thing.
But whatever be the case, I was able to witness their few minutes runs and dribbling, which made me reminisce the moment we used to have a football match back in those days in my school.
It was always fun especially when it's time for us to organize our inter-house sport.
With different houses playing and going up against one another.

The little moment spent out there in the field was always fun and exciting.
I don't play and I don't use to play. I only watch others play and I love the enthusiasm that comes with playing football.
The joy, the shouting and the noises made by each team whenever they wanna score a goal or when they are close to the goal post.
The pumping of blood and beating of heart for one's team to score the goal 😂

All those feelings and memories came back today when I went outdoor to get our cylinder refilled.
I couldn't help but watch them play with so much excitement.


Have you been in the field before? How has it always been?
And how long or when was the last time you really had the time to go out there on the field and just sit, relax and watch a match even when you aren't playing or participating?
It's fun you know?
Always exciting and energizing.
You should try it sometimes. Just take a stroll to the field where people are playing and go have some fun.

I know the majority of guys loves football match, either visual on screen or physical in the field. Either way, guys just love football, in fact, they are crazy about it.
I have seen cases where a boy child was sent on an errand but he ended getting lost in the world of football match that perhaps he witnessed by chance lol. It's happens and it often happens to a boy child lol. They are so drawn to football match that they can watch and forget themselves lol.

The little experience I had this evening led to all this and I really enjoyed time outdoor today.
Have a wonderful new week sport lovers!.😎

~ Sport Fairy ~