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RE: Manchester United made it to the Second Position With A 57 Points

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The twentieth position with only 14 points in 29 matches? Girl that is so poor indeed, hahaha, I am not laughing but those guys aren't doing their best. Where did they pull off their fighting spirit. 5-0? what a blow.
Will they ever be able to leave that bottom line? I see Manchester surpassed Leicester City with just a point. But would they keep up with that position? let's see in the upcoming matchs.
I must say you did well with this article, for the first time I am reading a football article and could wrap my head around what is being said and written here. Nice job girl
I will be stock to your blog for more details.


Lols.. The truth just must be told.. There is no chances of Sheffield United leaving the bottom line. They are the last team in the Leaguue table with just 14 points. The blow given to them by Leicester City was indeed a sweet-bitter one, one they will never forget in their life time.

We just have to wait and see if they can retain their points and position till the end of the League because those guys are wonderful. Lols...

Thanks girl, just trying my best to do what I know how to do well. Thanks once again for the complement.