Is Jon Jones going to come back to UFC?

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If you follow UFC at all you probably already know that there is a feud going on between Jon Jones and Dana White. There were times that it appeared as though White was going to tell Jones to get lost because Jones kept taking the "fight" to Twitter and Instagram doing what I call "his dirty laundry in public."

This isn't a great way to get on the good side of Dana White who understandably probably has one of the biggest egos in the world. I believe it is rightfully so as well. He took an organization that was on the brink of bankruptcy and turned it into one of the most valuable sports in the world. So if we were to ask the question of "who needs who more? " The answer would be that Jon Jones needs Dana White a LOT more than the other way around.


As I have mentioned before, there is a massive pay disparity between the high-level guys and the run-of-the-mill UFC (or other MMA promotions) salaries. This would be true in other sports as well but when you get out of the top-10 the salaries after you deduct all the living costs, taxes, and other expenses, there is a good chance that if you are a working stiff in America you probably make more money than the guys you see on TV in the octagon.

Jon Jones is without question one of the greatest of all time and the UFC acknowledges this with their "pound for pound" rankings.


I stopped the image at number 5 for a reason and that is because Poirier is ranked number 5 but you know whose name is completely missing from the top 15? Conor McGregor.

Jones is number one despite the fact that he has only 3 fights in the past 2.5 years and all of those were decision victories. The last time he finished an opponent was all the way back in 2018 when he KO'd Alexander Gustafsson back in 2018.

I have nothing against Jones and just like any other MMA fan I very much look forward to any appearance he makes in the octagon. I also have a very big problem with the sense of entitlement that he displays on a regular basis. Yes, he's a GOAT, yes he has an impressive record, yes he is dominant for the most part and there are very few instances where it looked even remotely like someone might get the upper hand on him. However, he has never fought at heavyweight and for him to pressure the organization for a title shot right out of the gate is ridiculous and unfair to the guys that scrapped their way from the bottom.

Not only does Jones want an immediate chance at the strap instead of having a fight with someone like, say Volkov or Blaydes, he also expects to be paid unprecedented money to even show up. His last demand, where negotiations fell apart he was asking for $30 million guaranteed, win or lose.

Apparently, this is an option in a UFC video game

Jones' arrogance is deserved but I am reminded about a quote from The Dark Knight when Joker says "This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object" and the ego battle between Jones and White probably could have been sorted out if Jones had just kept it private... but he didn't. He took his disagreements with Dana White to Twitter and Instagram and well, regardless of your level of talent, this is the wrong way to approach Dana White.

While a "superfight" with Jones in it would certainly be a windfall of earnings for UFC, they don't actually need Jones in order to make this money. They will sell out arenas and sell tons of pay-per-views with their current roster anyway. Jones on the other hand needs the UFC in order to get a big payout. The other promotions don't even come close as far as purses are concerned. If UFC decides to give Jones the cold shoulder, Bellator and Pride definitely aren't going to offer $30 million because they probably don't even take in that much on even their biggest pay per views.

At the moment Jones has hired an advisor to continue the negotiations on his behalf and although this advisor (who is named Richard Schaefer and is a big deal in the fight-promotion industry) has not specifically said to the public that he has ordered Jones to STFU on social media, I think that doing so would benefit him greatly.

I would love to see Jones fight again, but the man needs to calm the hell down if this is going to happen. Let's hope that Schaefer can reel him in a bit, or I predict we are not going to see Jones fighting again any time soon.


Nope. You can't recover after a leg break like that.

Anderson Silva didn't.

No way.

And Jon is a bitch. Worst ego ever..

wait, when did Jones break his leg? I did a quick search and found leg injuries and a broken toe, but no leg break. Do you know something I don't know?

Man maybe that's a bunch of wishful thinking on my part.

And actually the guy who broke Anderson Silva's leg Chris weidman just got done having the same catastrophic injury.

Looks like I'm wrong you're right sorry!

However I'm still going to stand by my statement that Jones has a big mouth and way too much ego.

Not a huge fan.

But yeah same thing with Chris Weidman. His entire career is shut down.

And I was just talking about checking leg kicks and the devastating power that is behind them.

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I love seeing Jones fight and my dream is to see him collapse after someone uses one of his cheap knee stomps on him and breaks one of his skinny legs. But that's just a dream, he's such a beast in the octagon.

Personally, I don't really care if he ever fights again. He's fun to watch in the cage, but media week is so difficult. Listening to him pretend to be a humble choir-boy while providing the most awkward and cringe-inducing trash talk is almost physically painful.

The reality is that no one can hurt Jones as badly as Jones routinely does to himself. He's basically becoming a verb for self-sabotage. "The day after you were offered a promotion, your boss overheard you shit-talking him and now you're not being promoted? You really Jones'd that one up, didn't you!"

The reality is that no one can hurt Jones as badly as Jones routinely does to himself

You are spot on there. He went from being an admired pound for pound GOAT to being someone that people just want him to shut up right around the time he had his dispute with Cormier, especially when he tore up the background of the press day like a little kid wrecking some stuff because he didn't get his way.

I will start using Jones as a verb immediately. I like that!

Jones used to irritate me in how he would regularly get into scuffles at promotional events and would even trash the stage and take out his rage on inanimate objects like the backdrops or podium. He can be like a man-child at times and there are other athletes in MMA and also other sports that behave the same way. I tend to dislike most of them as well.

I reckon Jones will come back again, but it won't be on his terms. With UFC it's "their way or the highway" and eventually Jones is going to have to get this through his thick skull.

So, while everyone thought having Richard Schaefer was a good idea, Bisping gave a counter argument, saying that it will damage the relationship with Dana. I am too lazy to find it for you haha 😁

I'm too lazy to look for it too but I think it is akin to "lawyering up" instead of just admitting you were wrong and coming to a friendly compromise. Jones is trying to "brute force" his way into a big payday and well and Dana White is probably the wrong person to try to do that with.

That's where Mcgregor is the best at btw, he made Dana feels real good about himself, and sold him a dream.
Jones lacks the empathy, and creativity to see the bigger picture, and how to use properly your "opportunities".

I did that myself, so I can relate, my social awkwardness and borderline psychopathy made me burn bridges faster than you burn money.
That is why I totally respect Mcgregor, he is a master at building business relationships, and so is Dana (and the Fertidas for that matter).