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RE: 📷Help choose my video and win 6 Hive | 帮我选视频赢6 Hive😎(by @ace108)

in HIVE CN 中文社区2 months ago (edited)

I think you can choose any of the 5 videos because the initiative is so beautiful!
So, I'm going to join! I had a lot of Fun. I only recorded two attempts (the first one I deleted because Cobby dropped my phone hahaha) In the second one, Cobby wants to steal my camera by scratching his fleas. No matter there is a camera for everyone 😂

Already being serious. I didn't know which one I chose between the 2nd video and the 3rd. But finally I think you should choose number 2. I see it more fluently and I think I saw you smile a little two times 😊. I loved it.


Thanks for you candid comment and thanks for joining in the fun.
I think for only 2 attempts, it's good. 😎