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RE: Therapeutical Run

in Running3 months ago

And, after the run you smash bulling engulfing patter lol.
Yeah, it is always nice to run and refresh. Do you have any idea what happened to @exhaust? I have not seen any info.


Rest assured that I'm still around. Just haven't had time to look into why things stopped working. My day job is very busy recently.

Hoping to revisit things and renew the project "soon".

Stay tuned.

I can imagine my friend.
Hope everything is fine there.

Oh yeah. Things are definitely good -- just busy busy busy.

Hope you're holding up alright over where you're at!

hahahhahha! yes of course.
I don't know, I read somewhere that also actifit got problems with the HF.
It is always the same, every time there is a Hardfork deployment many apps struggle...
It is still too early to declare @exhaust exhausted IMO