All works WRC teams to test together in Greece??

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Hi, friends!

Some unbelievable news are coming from FIA about group testing of all works teams: Toyota, Hyundai and M-Sport Ford and the idea comes from the smallest team M-Sport Ford because it is obvious that they need more promotion and bigger sponsorships and every TV screening is good for them.

I mean, who else except me and maybe one hundred else hard core fans in the world knows everything about every test from every works team i the world?! We are really rare and that's why I wrote about that, to promote my sport more because it is minor in medias these days.

So the thing is that rough rallies like Turkey start in September so a few weeks before every team should have one day of testing on the same track and that track are super rough gravel roads of Greece called car breakers.

I don't know what teams with big budget like Toyota and Hyundai think about that but until they try the whole concept of that kind of testing, they won't know more.

But problems could become bigger when they will want to try and test some secret stuff like aero developments and all the teams have their spies around to see what other team is preparing for the future. That could be a problem.

That means they should have double testings and that's too much foe them, I guess. No point in that except some TV marketing.

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