Hyundai to reveal new R5 car on 21.10.20

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Hi, friends!

Last evolution of their i20 R5 rally car was really a surprise because with the right driver they could be a potential winner.

O remember when they revealed the first version of that R5 car, it was kinda disaster because they had the slowest car in the championship and that market is quite big and very profitable.

Just to remind you that R5 car costs around 190 000€ plus tax and that's the car without spare parts.

And if you think about the truth that on every rally something can be broken, then you need almost one more car in parts as a spare one.

So today they revealed some news about the new car and it looks just like the old R5 car with that wing.

We must wait for six more days to see what is all about it. Be patient.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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