Ogier tested with Toyota on gravel of Estonia

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Did you know that GSeb Ogier's co-driver Julien Ingrassia has a replacement co-driver just for testing sessions? Yeah, and his name is Benjamin Veillas. He is very well known co-driver and the most of the time he co-drives for Eric Camilli in his WRC2 outings.

Well, it is unknown why Ingrassia is not present on the Toyota official tests but I don't think that it's something to think about too much. They have so much practice in that car over the years so the only needed thing is that Ogier tests ahead of every rally.

I am happy enough to see those two guys on the tarmac testing sessions in Croatia and they are really amazing.

WRC Rally Estonia becomes a regular WRC event, especially now during the COVID-19 times. It is one of the following rallies so all the teams must test there to find the best set-up before the rally.

Also drivers need training on the special surface so that's why it is even more important for the teams to test there.

There is a one more thing about that rally - it is very fast and similar to the Rally Finland which is probably the fastest and the most dangerous rally of the series.

From what I saw on the testing video, Ogier was very happy and smiling so that is the good sign of the progress in testing.

Watch it by yourself...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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