Oliver Solberg started with testing of Hyundai i20 R5

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Swedish youngster Oliver Solberg is a newest signing of Hyundai WRC team and he will be in WRC2 class for a season or two with the possibility to step into the WRC car if he will show some strong results in the lower category.

For the start they purchased the i20 R5 rally car from Hyundai. We don't know if they had to buy the car or they got the car from factory. No one can still say who will run the car, Solbergs itself or Hyundai works team.

I guess that the program will be run through some of the satellite teams with Hyundai. That's the practice of works teams in WRC2 class lately.

What is good for Oliver Solberg is that he comes from financially really strong family and his father is ex-WRC champion so he has everything he needs to be become a top works driver.

So they started with testing on snow and you can see the whole action from the video.

And yes, until we see the entry list of Monte Carlo Rallyw, no one can say will he be at Monte or not.


Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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