Onboard rally video of the day - Lappi with Citroen C3 WRC at super special stage of Rally Mexico

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Hi, friends!

Super special stages are always very short and always for large public to see the rally cars up close.

And when you have a part in the middle of the road where rally cars must make donuts and after that an artificial jump, then it is even more amazing.

I must admit that organizers of WRC Rally Mexico always try their best because that super special stage is always full of spectators.

I also must admit that I miss the Citroen WRC team in the championship because they were in the sport something as Lancia before them. Very successful and long in the sport and when that sort of the team leaves the sport, it is always some kind of emptiness for the real fans.

But they were really bad their last season 2019. They were probably the reason that Ogier couldn't win the crown that year.

Finn Esaoekka Lappi is always quick on every surface and you can see how spectacular he can be on this short super special stage in Mexico.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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