Sordo won WRC Rally Sardinia 2020

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Hi, friends!

Dani Sordo is probably the calmest person of all drivers in the World Rally Championship. You can never hear or see him arguing with anybody on the field. It's just his character of peaceful guy and that is maybe a reason of him winning only three WRC rallies in his career.

He won at Sardinia last year and now he is won again. That's good for him because he still doesn't have a contract for 2021 and he would probably like to stay for another season as a veteran in the sport.

I remember his starts with Mitsubishi Lancer group N from 2004 and I noticed that he was good in that Production class.

What about this weekend?
He had a margin of around half a minute in the lead over Seb Ogier who lost his 2nd place at the Power Stage today.

It is good for the sport to have more winners during the season. Good job for Sordo.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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