We retired early into the rally today

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Hi, friends!

I can't tell you how disappointed I am after we clipped a rock on the special stage 2 and retired with the broken suspension.

I invest lots of time and money into my rallying because I really enjoy that sport but today was awful.

On the first special stage I also made a mistake with the late breaking after the long straight where I missed the breaking boint. Lack of concentration, nothing else.

There was some other small mistake but nothing special.

Now I have to forget this rock that destroyed our suspensio as soon as possible and start working on the car for the next rallies or season.


my co-driver Kristijan working on the suspension

Spacial thanks to @pfunk because he is a great friend!


Aw man, sorry to hear that! A looong time ago I was at a rally spectating/pretending to marshall and saw a hefty rock on the inside of the corner I was at. I moved it into the woods because a skillful inside cut should be rewarded, not punished :)

that's the great attitude! :) I am pretty shocked to be out of the rally after only 12km of special stages.

You'll have better luck next time.

Thanks, friend!

Good luck next time !
Stay safe

Thanks, friend! You too