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1.) Eagles win outright

Bonus question:
a.) Carson Wentz misses at least 1 quarter of the game due to injury.

3.) Eagles win with 1.5 points added

6.) Total score (Eagles + Seahawks) higher than 45.5

Go Seahawks!!!

2.) Seahawks win outright

4.) Seahawks win by more than 1.5

5.) Total score (Eagles + Seahawks) lower than 45.5

Bonus question:
b.) Carson Wentz is out due to injury for less than 1 complete quarter (15 minutes).

With just over 3 hours remaining until game time, the leading predictions are that the Eagles will win the game outright and with 1.5 points, the over/under is over 45.5 points, and Carson Wentz misses at least one quarter due to injury.

If there are any new votes between now and 4:40, I'll archive another copy of the voting at game time.


As with the others, this comment is set to 100% null beneficiary rewards.

Update: No new votes at the time of the kickoff, so this image displays the final prediction of the voters.

What about Kites?

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