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RE: When football still was about football!

What an amazing memories! Thanks for sharing you old football team photos, they are lovely. What wing/role were you playing at the time?


Most of my career, if I may call it a career, I did play left back. But a very offensive left back.
But my best position was the 6. Defensive midfielder. I only had one problem, I hate the practices. Also had to stop playing when I was 26 due to injuries!
I tried a comeback at 28 but it wasn’t ment to be. Still had some great years with fussbal!

Thanks for the response. Defensive midfield is number 4. Sorry to hear about the injury, injury sabotaged some of the professional footballers carriers as well.

Probably you didn't really like it as your passion or may be you're forced into it like people are forced to go to school 🏫 I said this because you said you hate the practises. Football is not easy though, but if you really love it, you have to find it fun in any case it may be.

Bwa I loved football and still do. But just wasn’t a practice animal. For sure those trainings in the beginning of the season. I did love the games tough.

I could have earned some decent money but what has happened has happened.

The career of my idol back then was halted due to a severe injury!



Sorry about the injury, and thanks for sharing it with us 🙏

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