Can You Detect When Someone Is About To Attack You?

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The attacker will not tell you that I'm going to attack, so ready 1, 2, and 3. You usually get hit before realizing that you are being attacked. So is there any sign that can help you identify that you are going to be attacked?

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There is no definite way of detecting that. But you can understand this more through your learning and experience. If you are not able to detect the threat, it will be difficult to protect yourself. Sometimes if you just get the signal of being attacked, you can make your move to defend yourself. It makes a huge difference in your move.

When the attacker talks to you, you can feel something is wrong. The way the person behaves, talk to you, and his attitude can send you the signal.

You see the guy is close to you and then looks around. There is a probability that he is just checking whether there are other people outside or not, so that he can attack you. Or, maybe he wants to get out of there.

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The attacker might step back and make a little distance in case he is very close to you. Then from there, you can strike you. When you see the guy keeping his hands behind, maybe he is hiding something or if he puts his hands on the pocket, you have no idea what he has on his pocket.

You can see the guy's dominance behavior. His way of talking, attitude, and behavior can give you an indication of the possible attack. Before attacking certain parts of the body, the attacker usually looks at that. When you feel that you are going to be attacked, you are more likely to defend yourself.

Be aware of your surroundings, It helps you a lot to defend yourself before anything is about to happen. So what do you think about detecting when someone is about to attack you? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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