Can You Grab A Front Kick As A Defense?

We usually do front kick above the waist. If you want to hit to the face with a front kick, you can do that. And you can hit the attacker's legs with front kicks.

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So you can do front kick and hit the lower part of the body. Now let's talk about grabbing front kick as a defense. If your opponent does a front kick to your legs or lower part of your body, you cannot grab that. If it is higher to the waist or above the waist, you can make your move to grab that.

In order to grab your opponent's leg who does a front kick, you have to move to the side and at the same step forward. Then you can grab his leg. When you grab his leg, you have to be fast to attack. Since you grab your opponent's one leg, you can kick to his other leg and easily make him fall on the ground.

You can punch him, do palm strikes, or attack the upper part of his body. There are a couple of things you have to remember when you grab the leg as a defense of front kicks.

The attacker will do the front kicks fast and get back the leg quickly. If the attacker is very fast, it is difficult to grab his leg. The technique can work very well against someone and at the same time, you might find it difficult to apply this technique who is very fast.

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You move to the side and forward, then grab the attacker's leg. That's not the end. You are close to the attacker. So the attacker can punch you or if you are too close, he can do elbow strike and decorate your face.

When you grab the attacker's leg, your other hand should be up in case the attacker makes any move, you are ready to defend that.

So what do you think about grabbing the attacker's leg as a defense of front kicks? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

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