Reality Of Defending Against Knife Attack

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When you learn martial arts, you will learn different things. Maybe you are taught this is how you have to move to defend yourself. You might have learned some basic knife defense like how to defend a knife if that comes straight. Are you wondering what actually happens if the attacker attacks with a knife?

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The attacker will swing the knife, you think you will move, and do this or that. The attacker will not keep his hand over there after strike for you so that you can grab and do your thing. He will keep attacking you. He might switch his hands and stab again.

Defending a knife is way more difficult than it looks. You might call some so-called knife self-defense BS. No one is going to attack you that way, and you cannot defend a knife like that. Do not underestimate an attacker with a knife.

Let me share a video about knife defense. I highly recommend watching this video. If you learn self-defense or practice martial arts, I am sure you are familiar with some moves that you watch in this video. The attacker can attack you with a knife in different ways. If you know what to do with a knife, it is very difficult to defend. Period.

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Well, every attacker is not trained to attack with a knife. So you might see some common ways of striking with a knife. In case you see the attacker is coming with a knife, if you can run fast and get out of there, you can do so. If not, you might not want to run because while you are running, you are exposing your back. It will be easier for the attacker to stab in your back.

If the attacker puts the knife to your chest, neck, or throat, you have to be very careful to do anything. Even though you are good at defending the knife, do not go straight to defend that. As soon as the attacker sees the obvious move, he will not think twice to hurt you. You can give him what he wants. If you are able to distract the attacker, that is your opportunity to make your move to defend against the knife.

So what do you think about knife defense? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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would never want to be in such a position.
a knife attack can do a lot of damage.

If you can get out of the situation in any way, that's always better. Thank you for your comment!