What Problems You Might Face When You Kick In A Street Fight

When it comes to combat or fight to survive, what you can use, that's very important. When you can use your legs to kick, that's great. At the same, you need to be careful when you kick. Today we are going to talk about what problems you might face when you kick in a street fight.

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If you practice martial arts, you know how to kick. In a fighting competition, you will get a higher point if you can kick and hit the upper part of the body. Of course, there are different rules and you have to follow that to participate in the fighting competition.

If your opponent catches your legs, he might make you fall on the ground and then the fight will continue or you get a chance to get up. The referee can interfere and make sure fighters follow the rules. You usually do what you get used to doing.

You can kick and hit the attacker from the distance, that's the advantage. But the problem is, the attacker can catch your leg if you are not fast enough or the attacker is trained to fight. Things can get worse in a street fight when the attacker catches your leg.

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The attacker will throw you on the ground. Then he can kick to your face and consistently attack you. You might find it hard to get up and defend yourself. So if you do high kicks, make sure that the attacker cannot catch your leg. As soon as you hit with a kick, get back your leg instantly.

You can do low kicks. You can move and use your footwork to maintain the distance. What you can or cannot do in a fight, that is up to the situation and the person you fight with. Don't get in a fight for the first place. If you can talk, change the situation, and get out of there, that is always better.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. I appreciate your support and feedback!

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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All youth should be taught self defense in one form or another, well done!

I have been making content about martial arts and self-defense consistently for a long time. Hope some of you will take action to learn self-defense. We do not expect anything bad happens to us. Unfortunately, if that happens, you can use your self-defense skills and it can save your life.

Thank you @joanstewart for your comment!

When young, school going age Physical Exercise was a requirement, now I strongly feel that self-defense should be offered as well especially to train children from young how to defend themselves, this has become a necessity of late.

I've been in a few 'street fights' and I kept my feet firmly on the ground. My training was boxing and it's been a long time since I fought. I had a couple of guys try to kick me and it didn't work out well for them. They were wannabees that had watched Bruce Lee.

Times have changed. But I still believe that in the street fight people would be better served with a leg sweep at most.

Thanks for a good look at kicking in self defense. It's a good thing to be aware of.

Someone who practices boxing gives his feedback. It means a lot to me.

Yes, it is better to sweep and do low kicks on the street fights. There is a huge difference between what we see in movies and what actually works for self-defense. Thank you so much @bigtom13 for sharing your experience.

We grew up down the street from a master and sensei of Tae Kwan Do. He was a CHP officer. His son was my age, a friend, and a 3rd degree blackbelt. I never wanted to get in a fight with that guy. Narrowly avoided one at one point.

But then there was Phil, who also lived in the same neighborhood. We shared an apartment later in life and now he's my kids English teacher.

Phil was a CIF State Championship wrestler and he wasn't afraid of Ted (the blackbelt at all). Personally, in a real street fight, I'd pull the arm reach to the groin and keep squeezing! 😁

Every martial art focuses on some specific things. It has its strength and weakness.

Personally, in a real street fight, I'd pull the arm reach to the groin and keep squeezing! 😁

Looks like you will show no mercy in a real street fight. lol... Now no one will get into a fight with you. ;)

I don't know martial arts, but I would like to learn it, I think it is good to know something about self-defense. Good advice! 👍

I did not know martial arts until I kept learning and practicing. I was interested in martial arts when I was a kid. Later I started learning martial arts. Thank you so much for your comment!

Have a great day, @mballesteros!

Good to know but I'm more with you on

Don't get in a fight for the first place. If you can talk, change the situation, and get out of there that is better

That's the truth. There is always someone who gets hurt in a fight. Thank you @porters for your comment!

I try to be care full when kicking because you are most vulnerable when you kick

Always keep your hands in the right position even when you kick. If someone else strikes you when you kick, it will be easier to defend that. Thank you for your comment!

yeah I got that lesson the hard way some time ago I was knockout because of kicking and losing my balance


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