Will You Give Up Or Keep Fighting?

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If you believe you can do something, you can do that sooner or later. You might face problems, you do not see any possible way to move forward and get out of there. You keep looking and trying over and over. You check out what possible action can do something about it. And you will find a way to move forward and get out of there.

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If you see survivors who get out of the horrible situation after being kidnapped. They always have hope. Although nothing is in their favor, they do not give up. Even they do not have the power to resist physically, they always resist mentally. They have patience and when they see an opportunity, they do their best and finally, they get out of there.

When you do exercise or practice martial arts, it seems you only train physically. There is a connection between physical and mental. You become stronger physically as well as mentally. You push yourself harder and keep doing that consistently. You have to have patience and disciple to do that.

You develop good habits through your training. It will help you not only get in shape but also defend yourself in case your life is in danger. It will affect your personal life and professional life. We usually see students who practice martial arts and they also start doing better in your academic studies.

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Whenever you do, you need to concentrate your mind while doing that. Martial art can teach you how to concentrate your mind and be focused. If you are an entrepreneur, sometimes it might feel everything falls apart. And you are the person to fix every problem. Everything is your responsibility. You need to be strong mentally and physically. Doing exercises or any sports can keep you healthy and fit.

When you fight for self-defense, it feels the same. Things are not in your favor, now will you give or make your move to defend yourself?

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Martial arts a wonderful way to know strength of body and mind, something I wish had been introduced into my life when young.

An art to keep you fit in more ways than one also satisfaction of knowing how to protect yourself, well done @rezoanulvibes

@tipu curate

Yes, it is a combination of body, mind, and soul. A fantastic way to stay fit and how to make your move for self-defense! Thank you so much @joanstewart for your feedback! I really appreciate that!


I just staked all my sport, liquid to start making a post on this platform. I am from Venezuela, the situation is strong. If you can support me with a vote I would be grateful. I am a single mother of one child

You're welcome! Keep writing, hope you will get support from others!