Rudiger reports on working from home during self-isolation period

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In the wake of the global pandemic rampaging countries and cities all around the world, Italy is in total lock down especially major cities in the country. England has quickly moved to shutdown football season which has made the players self isolate and train at home. When asked by the Chelsea TV, he further explained that, this is something new for everyone and it’s a little bit scary. I am a very family person but I cannot even see them at the moment. It’s not possible to fly because you don’t know if you will catch something and bring it home.” We’re all in the same boat continued by Antonio. It’s a scary situation to be in knowing that you can bring an invisible and potentially deadly contamination into your own house, especially if you have young children like Rudiger. At least the players have been given specialize exercise bikes, and personalised workout plans from the club to keep them occupied. Some are doing video exercise and posting it on social media to show what they are currently engaging in as the isolation geared to an end. 

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