My Splinterlands Battle Review. Rusty Android.

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Today I'm back again with my another post of sharing my battle experience in SPLINTERLADS. This post is to join the weekly contest of share your battle arranged by the @splinterlands team. And this week's challenge is, you'll need to use a monster named RUSTY ANDROID in one of your battle and you have to explain it in your entry post. You will also need to share that post in any social media and put the link of your entry post and social media link in the announcement post of this contest to participate in this amazing contest. You'll also need to answer some questions in your entry post that @splinterlands has asked in their announcement post. Such as your lineup, strategy, opinion about the card. If you are not familiar with the contest, you can follow the link of this week's contest that I'm giving bellow.

Link To The Contest:
Before I began I'd like to tell you guys about THE RUSTY ANDROID.

Rusty Android:

Rusty Android.png
The Rusty Android is a common reward card. This is a neutral monster with the ability melee attacking ability. The main thing I like about this card is it's magic reflection ability. Also this card receives it only in level one.

My Battle:

Screenshot (123).png

My Line Up:

In my battle I used The Rusty Android in first position. The reason is, it cannot attack from any other position than the first position. Also against any magic attacking monsters, the Magic Reflect ability of this card would be so much useful. But, the enemy did not use any magic cards. So that's why it wasn't so much of useful. Than I used The Fineas Rage in second position. Because of it's reach ability it can attack from second position. And then I used three monsters with sneak ability in 3rd, 4th & 5th place named Kobold Miner, Elven Cutthroat & Sand Worm. At last I used The Furious Chicken to protect my cards from sneak attacks from the enemy.

Screenshot (124).png

My Strategy:

For some reasons I was thinking that the enemy might use some magic card. And I used the Rusty Android. And My plan was to take the enemy from the back. Though my strategy with the Rusty Android didn't went that well. But my main part of then strategy was successful and I won the battle.

Screenshot (125).png

What Will I Try Next Time?

Next time I'd like to add a card with tank heal. Which will protect The Rusty Android from falling.

Do I like Rusty Android? Why / Why Not?

Basically, I like every card with the magic reflect ability. But because of it's slow speed I don't use it so much.


By now, I guess you all are aware of splinterlands connecting with BRAVE BROWSER. I've installed it in my pc, which you'll see in my screenshots. I'm really starting to love this one. I'll also suggest you to use it also.

Also, if you are feeling interested to play this amazing game you can use my refer link to join SPLINTERLANDS which I'm giving bellow.

My Refer To Join Splinterlands:
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This is interesting, this Battle looks like you were going to lose but you won hahaha.

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