Splinterlands Battle Challenge. Earth Elemental.

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Hello Everyone.

How are you all?

I hope that you all are well by the grace of Allah.

In my todays post I'm going to explain two of my battles of splinterlands. I've played both of this matches using a EARTH MONSTER named EARTH ELEMENTAL.

Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental.png
Before speaking about those battles I'd love to talk about The Earth Elemental first. The Earth Elemental is a rare earth monster with ranged attacking ability. It's extra ability is healing ability. I mainly like this card because, it costs only 3 mana and comes with huge life and healing ability. Which makes it really awesome. Whenever I play with earth monster I use this card 90% of the time. Most of the time I can't use it because of some reasons. Such as, ammount of mana, ruleset, to make a perfect line up by only using the available cards and etc. But, personally I really like this card.

Screenshot (202).png

I'm posting this to join the weekly curation contest of share your BATTLE challenge arranged by @splinterlands. To join this contest, you'll need to play a battle by following the rules in the current week's announcement post. After that you'll need to create a post by following the rules and also by answering the questions asked by @splinterlands and post it on hive blockchain. After posting it in hive blockchain you'll need to share it also in on any social media. After that you'll need to comment both of your hive link and social media link in the comment section of their announcement post of this contest. I'm also giving the link of their announcement post of this contest bellow.

Link To Contest


My Battles:


Screenshot (210).png

As you can see, I've used EARTH ELEMENTAL in the last position. I thought that it's big amount of life would help against any sneak attack and I used THE STONE GOLEM in front because of it's shield ability to stop front attacks. But the fact is, enemy didn't used any monster with sneak attack. But, it did support others from behind.

Screenshot (206).png

However, I did won the battle and my strategy worked successfully.



Screenshot (211).png

In this lineup you can see that I've used The Earth Elemental in second position. But using a ranged attacking card in the frontline may seem like kind of foolish. But, trust me. Everything is a part of my plan. In my previous battle I've used Earth Elemental in last position to hold sneak attacks. But, in this one I used the Furious Chicken to do the job. I used Rexxie in first position, which is slow and don't have that much life to stand longer. My plan was, I will use Earth Elemental in second and Wood Nymph in third position with tank heal to heal other cards. My plan was after the Rexxie will be knocked down then the Earth Elemental will come in first position. Enemy monsters will be attacking it and the Wood Nymph will be healing it. This really will help my other cards to finish the battle. But, because of the enemy monster with opportunity ability messed up my plan. It killed my Wood Nymph, but the Earth Elemental did helped to win the battle. If it wasn't for it, I'd lost my battle.

However, I did won the battle.

Screenshot (209).png

That's all for today.


If you're familiar with my posts, you'll notice that all my splinterlands posts were mostly written and designed in a familiar way. But, this time I thought about making a total difference in my style. Trying to do things in a new way and making some difference. If I made any mistakes, please let me know in the comment section.

I guess that you liked both my post and battle. See you again in my next post. Till then stay happy, stay sound. Also if you are not on splinterlands, than you can use my refer link to join.

My Refer Link To Splinterlands:


Thanks For Reading My Post.


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Thanks for sharing! - @xawi

cool battles. It is level 1 cards fight so you can't get the feel of its healing power. This card is amazing.

@xawi , Actually due to some money essue I asold all my cards.
I know how strong this card can be with it's healing ability.
Btw, thanks for the vote