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Hello beautiful friends of GOAT.Gang Community, I hope you all are feeling well and safe. Today I am again going to share my daily quest rewards of Splinterlands game with you people. Today's quest was given in Death splinter and I completed the quest very easily because I have my Death splinter is upgraded to level 4 and I always love to play with Death splinter. Today I completed the quest within one hour. Currently, I am playing in the silver league so I was rewarded with 4 loot chests. In today's quest, I got 1 card and 3 potions.



Huge Sand Worms have always lived in the desert of Draykh-Nahka, but with the recent uncovering of the various Untamed Prophecies, they have mysteriously grown even larger. They have also become more wild and free, somehow discovering how to escape from the Sands of the Dragon Splinter. Although it has never been witnessed, biologists believe that the Worms have learned how to swim. If they have indeed learned to burrow through the water like sand, the Splinterlands will suffer greatly from their proliferation. In Mount Mox battle, Sand Worms can swallow monsters of nearly any size with no need to chew. They can even snatch fliers directly from the air, extending out of the ground even higher than the arena walls.

Claimed Rewards


My Current League:


My current league is still Silver 1 and today I reached 2125 ratings. I will still not choose Advance and want to battle in the current league.


If you are new to Splinterlands and want to join, you can join from the below link.


  • If you are a newbie and want to ask something, you are welcome I am always available 🤚 to help you.
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