Liverpool CAN win the title in 8 hours time

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Hi All,

This is the current situation;

  1. Currently Liverpool are ahead of 2nd place City by 23 points.
  2. Manchester City have a game in hand, they will play Chelsea tomorrow morning.
  3. Liverpool's goal difference is 4 better then City.


Liverpool CAN be crowned champions tomorrow if Manchester City fail to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Manchester City NEED ALL 3 points to delay the inevitable for another week. A draw with Chelsea won't be enough as Liverpool have a better goal difference.

Liverpool COULD be crowned champions without kicking another ball.


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The calculations:

So if Liverpool lose every single match and City win every single match till the end of the year City will be on 87 point and LFC will be on 86.

If Manchester city lose tomorrow they will end up on 84 points.

If Manchester city draw tomorrow they will end up on 85 points.

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I just spoke to my neighbour who is a Chelsea supporter. He said he hopes they lose tonight to prevent Liverpool winning the title !BEER

I won’t be surprised at all, this hatred started from the GOAST GOAL by Luis Garcia in the CL.

Thanks for the Beer 🍺

Chelsea are 1 goal up leading up to half time. We are 45 min away from being champions. Are you watching this unfolding @lyubo19 AND @talesfrmthecrypt, bloody hell I got mixed emotions!!

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