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Hey guys and girls I'm happy to share today and yesterday part of my life with you guys.


Yesterday was amazing day I finish fixing my overflow problem and I also plan to watch some movies but didn't had time too.

Now I'm going to watch some movies after I eating my lunch and let me tell you it's looks great we asian people eat a lot and I'm Pakistani we eat bread made of wheat 🌾 and lots of spicy 🔥 food

Today I'm having potato and chicken 🍠🐔 made like curry with roti (flatbread) let me know what you had for lunch 😋


I will also be buying Chary CTP CTPSB Leo build foodie and sports tokens to stake I'm just waiting to get some money 💰 from freelancing and build a great income source I don't like to take loan but if I had and buy bitcoin at 6000$ i would be in heaven right now anyway I don't regret anything because making investment on loan is not the best 💡 idea I recommend not doing it


What sort of meal is that and how does it taste?

Love your Foodie post!

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