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Fight Island is over. The UFC is resuming its regular programming at their own facility in Las Vegas. Bellator just had their first competition in months.

Starting next week, Eddie Hearn will hold fights in the backyard of his company's HQ:

Matchroom Fight Camp Week 1

Here is the complete list of poll results in comparison with odds from William Hill:


  • dPollers got the Rose win wrong
  • Bettors missed the win by Werdum
  • I got the wins of Volkanovski, Werdum, Whittaker wrong

How do odds work: (-) indicates the favourite, (+) indicates the underdog

​ Usman -220 means you pay 220 in order to win 100

​ Masvidal + 190 means you pay 100 to win 190

Odds from William Hill via https://www.bestfightodds.com/

Links to the respective polls:

Kumite 1 : UFSea 251 on Fight Island : Jéssica v Rose 2

Kumite 2 : UFSea 251 on Fight Island : Volkanovski v Holloway 2

Kumite 3 : UFSea 251 on Fight Island : Ribas v VanZant

Kumite 4 : UFSea 251 on Fight Island : Usman v Masvidal

Kumite 5 : UFSea Fight Night 172 on Fight Island : Hermansson v Gastelum

Kumite 6 : UFSea on ESPN 14 on Fight Island : Werdum v Gustafsson

Kumite 7 : UFSea on ESPN 14 : Fight Island : Shogun v Minotauro 3

Kumite 8 : UFSea on ESPN 14 : Fight Island : Robert Whittaker v Darren Till

List of UFC events: Wikipedia

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