Health goals for early 2020 (and beyond?)

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Plenty of focus on Steem at present around new resolutions habits to form this year, and I have some I want to work on too.

The longer we hold onto and reinforce these patterns, the harder it is to break them. With that knowledge comes the understanding that there is no better time to change than now as it will only get harder to do so in the future. [source]

While there is no arguing this statement, the other side of the coin is that here in the UK with the short, cold days, this time of year is hardly the most inspiring for solar-powered types like myself. However, as I found in the past, going hard early on in the year and making it to the springtime with good habits in place can set one up for the summer knowing that the hard work has been done through the most difficult part of the year.

I have a couple of things I want to focus on over the coming months, and this year I bring the yearly desire along with somewhat of a necessity. Passing the mirror butt-naked last week was a bit of shock to the system and it was clear to me that I have been enjoying the festive period (and the last couple of months with earning a salary again) far too much. I've kept myself in reasonable shape for 20+ years and never really worried about appearance, but the blatant beer belly was not a good sight.

To some my body shape would probably look reasonable at present, but I think we all have some sort of standard or idea of what is reasonable to ourselves. I don't really care too much how others see me, just as I didn't when I was 19 and joined the university gym. It was me who gave myself the kick up the arse back then, and I intent of doing the same again over the coming months.

Food intake (diet) and Exercise

This is where my focus will be in the early part of 2020. I'm just settling into my new job, seeing my daughter most weekend, saving a little cash, and a little STEEM, and so a roof, and a little future planning in financial regard is in place - I just need to make sure I'm also present in the future too!

The exercise is going to come from a few sources. I have a couple of go-to videos that are short and to the point and I've used them enough times to give me a fair idea of where my current fitness level is at. The other night I did them both, back-to-back, and today I can barely walk or sit-up out of this chair. That's when you know you've done some work!

The first is a 10 minute legs and ass routine. It took a while to find one that was both short, and without an annoying instructor (so's to make me want to listen more than once):

The second, not available on YouTube for copyright reasons, and likely to disappear from dailymotion at some point is a 15 minute abs/core routine.

Warning - this one is fking brutal if you are just starting out and so take it steady and have water close by. At one point I was doing this one 3 times a week and can confidently say, it works.

So along with the above I'll be using the small gym downstairs for cardio - The runner, bike, and cross-trainer, and like I did today, also for some basic upper body weight work.

The second key area is my diet - this needs a rework and should be quite easy to organise. Firstly, and most importantly, I need to cut down on the beer. It's not like I've been getting smashed every night, but it is all to easy (with a pub serving fine ale 50 metres away and a supermarket not much further) to have one or two each day on the way home from work.


For January, I have decided to cut the beer intake to 0, and so far, so good. The break (no I'm not quitting!) actually started on the 27th December as I started to feel unwell around then and so that's 4 bonus days there. I'm hopeful that even if I wasn't exercising, a month without the main culprit for lack of foot visibility will be a good start, but throw in 3/4 workout routines a week and things should be looking much better come the end of the month.

If I do make it to the end of the month with a better diet (food-wise I think I'm doing OK) and regular exercise, the key thing then will to be keep on going through shitty February and March and make it to April where the daffodils and sunshine will start to appear again.

So in summary, the goals over the next quarter is to throw better things into my mouth, and move around a lot more. And hey, I could even acquire a few tokens talking about it.



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Lol Well I hope your workouts consist of more than moving on arm up and down repeatedly while watching butt exercise videos.


haha :D

Part of a healthy lifestyle, or so I'm told!

Thanks for using #naturalmedicine tag which is PERFECT for your health goals and if you burn some LOTUS, you'll be eligible for winnings for our contest too.

Isn't it funny that 'passing mirror' thing and going 'who the hell is that old/fat/wierd looking' person, and realising it's you? I've been doing Bikram Yoga which has full length mirrors and that's confronting to say the least. However, it does teach you self compassion for your suffering! As for beer bellies, yeah, probably best to keep an eye on that one as it's not a good look either aesthetically or for your health, that's for sure. You are dead right - who cares what other people think of you - but how we FEEL on the inside really matters, doesn't it? I don't care if I'm a bit podgy (as Dad would say) as long as I'm feeling fit and healthy, and that has the knock on effect of making you feel better in all aspects of your life! It does start getting addictive too as you start realising it feels a lot better to be healthy than not - and those exercise endorphins replace the beer buzz. MAy the daffodils come around sooner rather than later - should be in UK by then too. @riverflows xx

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Ahh thanks! I wasn't sure but thought I'd give it a shot :)

Yeah I'm slowly getting towards the exercise endorphins being able to replace the beer ones, and they are so much more rewarding, and cheaper!

So you are over to the UK in the spring? That's a long way to travel for a proper pint :)

It's really quite simple to lose a bit of weight. I've done this several times - just cutting out beer and junk food, eating 3 reasonable meals a day and exercising every day is enough to lose about 3-4lbs a week. As long as you don't let yourself go too much which I'm sure you haven't done then 1-2 months is usually enough to reign it back in.

I find that it takes about 3 weeks of no beer, no junk food before you start looking any different, conversely I also find that after a period of health you've got about 3 weeks grace in which you can binge like a lunatic and still be able to see your abs.

I guess the body's slow to adapt.

I've used fitness blender before - it's a great resource! I'll check that out, I'm after a glute work-out for the running.

I find it amazing how just a week or two off beer makes all the difference! I don't know why I'm amazed by this fact - it's not as if I haven't experimented with that before! But it definitely makes me want to steer clear of it! - @riverflows, who is looking forward to a good pint of British ale.

Yes it is and I'm sure I could if I wanted. I'd rather just replace the beer fat with a bit of muscle and have no idea what I weigh. Three weeks sounds about right to start noticing a change, I had targeted end of Jan for the next mirror flyby :)

Let me know how you get on with the vid, I got someone else to try it and they are a bit sore today!

I like how you crossed out resolutions and put habits in there...In reality that's all it is. Habit.

I listen to a podcast by a guy called Jocko Willink and he's always going on about ownership..."Want to stop smoking? Do it." or "Want a better relationship? Make it happen!" That sort of thing...Of course there's other elements but essentially it's about owning the task and the reason for achieving it, then taking the responsibility to make it happen.

Seems like you have a good plan and are on the right track.

Definitely agree that it's on you and no-one else - can't blame them, but you can also take all the credit when things go to plan too. I am officially owning it!


We should all be owning our lives...The success and the failure.

I have a feeling that you'll be fine with your plan...Sure you may run off the tracks at times, but you'll head in the general direction of your goals through having ownership and the right attitude.


Indeed there have been times where the tracks were nowhere to be seen, a bit like my feet at present :)

That happens. I rabbit-on about motivation and stuff all the time...And yet I've been de-motivated many times. Part of being human I think.

It’s a seasonal/sunshine thing for me, but now I’m aware of it I can manage it better. And if things start to feel off, vamos a la playa!

Haha...The beach solves every problem.

Speaking of which I have a first world problem post for tomorrow...Inspired by you. (Just something silly for a change.) Lol.

Ah good 😁 hopefully I’ll spot it and maybe even share your pain.

I am the exact opposite of you! I live in the desert and the winter months mean most activity! It is too hot in the summer to be outside and active so I have to get that activity in now! I too have an idea of what I should look like, and I am still on track to lose another 20 lbs or so. Everyone is like "you look fine" and I'm like I don't want to look fine, I want to look GOOD damnit! :)

Right! On both counts. I can see the peak of summer also being tough, unless you have an outdoor pool and plenty of waterproof cream :)

And yeah, 'fine', wtf is that, I want awesome with bells on thank you very much!

Nice goals Asher and well within your reach too.
So r u pack'n a 6 pack or a barrel????

I think so.

Yeah it's a barrel at present but there is a 6 pack waiting to break out! :)

We all have an inner six pack xx

Greetings Appreciated Asher @abh12345.

Excellent diction! Strengthening our body, taking care of our health by assuming a healthy diet and exercising is loving ourselves. We must take care of our temple.

Now, why don't you quit smoking?

It doesn't matter, you're in the right direction. I congratulate you, do not falter in your new goals for 2020.

All best, Piotr

Thanks Piotr.

Yes the temple, and preferably not the temple of Doom.

I’ve not smoked in years, but I do have a Vape which I’ve been lowering the nicotine on for the last month. This crutch I’m less confident about but work is afoot :)

My health goals is to eat more ice-cream and jelly donuts.

You’ll end up looking like one, which doesn’t sound that terrible I guess :)

I already am! So I might as well enjoy myself.

Moderation is best I hear!

For those who are trying to live to 100.

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Oh, you broke me with some of those moves. And here I thought I was fit. Getting a jump on the year was in my plans too, I started right before the new year, so I could continue moving forward.

I get on the scale because I am a girl and we need to know what we weigh, but the progress is more about what I can see, and what I am seeing less of. (and more of)

Moderation. Yes! Now, I remember!

Good luck to you!


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