My yoga journey: 6 months of practicing yoga has improved my flexibility!

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In my first few weeks of joining a yoga, I could barely touch my calves never mind a backbend. The few months after that I think I could almost touch my toes, which is to me is great progress. It's almost six months that am on am yoga journey and now even after weight training, I could touch my toes which I think is pretty good flexibility.

I never really understand why I couldn't do it before, I always assumed that the only people who can do it are the ones who were born flexible.

It's amazing how flexible you can be from consistently practicing yoga. Although stretching every day really helps to improve flexibility, but you know how we all love to procrastinate and we tend to forget to practice the five-minute stretching at home. That's why I like joining a yoga class because it motivates me to do yoga and it inspires me when I see other people that are already good at it.

As we get older, our muscles become stiff that's why older people are more prone to injuries. So if you want to discover more benefits of flexibility, I would recommend joining a yoga class and even a virtual class if you haven't tried yoga before.



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Kailangan talaga yan sa buhay, kanan lang haha

Y'all seem super fit, So jealous right now.

Thanks ☺️ no need to be jealous, hehe... do you also do yoga?

Nooo I'm a real lazy bum. 😂

No, you're not! Coz you won't be on hive!

Haha I'm just active for HIVE ❤

well it's a good thing, not a lot of people see the real opportunity here and connecting with others who have real unique passions

Quite true.

Especially as we get older, it's more and more important to stay limber and flexible. Thanks for sharing your yoga journey with us.

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