Benefits of Commuting to Work by Bicycle

The benefits of commuting to work by bicycle largely fall into three categories – financial, environmental and health. By commuting to work by bicycle you are able to save a substantial amount of money, as you don't have to re-fuel your car as often. Also, since bicycles do not produce any carbon emissions you can feel good about yourself for helping the environment. Plus, by choosing to commute to work by bicycle you will find that it becomes much easier to control your weight and that your overall health improves. It is therefore not surprising that so many people are taking advantage of these benefits and deciding to cycle to work.

For many people, it is the financial benefits of cycling, rather than driving or using public transport, that are most appealing. The most significant cost when choosing to cycle to work will be that of the bike itself, but compared to the price of a car it is relatively cheap. Plus, once you own a bike there are likely to be only a few minor expenses you will incur, such as when the tyres need changing or the chain replacing, both of which will be required on an infrequent basis. With a bicycle, you don't have to worry about paying for fuel or taking it in for a service or paying for parking. Commuting to work by bicycle regularly can therefore save you quite a lot of money.


With lots of cars on the road, congestion is often a real problem, and you can find yourself stuck in long traffic jams, not going anywhere in your large car but with the engine still running. On a bicycle, you are in a better position to overtake standing traffic, which means you won't be clogging up the roads and polluting the atmosphere. Bicycles, unlike cars, do not produce carbon emissions – the type of emissions which are believed to be contributing to climate change – which means you will be doing your bit for the environment if you choose to commute to work by bicycle.

Alongside the financial and environmental benefits of commuting to work by bicycle, it is also worth bearing in mind the health benefits of cycling. Cycling is an aerobic exercise that helps to strengthen your heart muscles, whilst improving your overall strength and stamina. By cycling on a regular basis, you reduce the risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. Plus, cycling is an effective calorie burner and the more calories you burn, the easier you should find it to maintain a healthy weight. This is beneficial for your long-term health, as you will be less likely to develop health problems such as diabetes.

Cycling to work also gives you an opportunity to work off some stress, whilst it can also help with depression and anxiety. Instead of getting worked up about being stuck behind traffic, you will be able to simply enjoy riding your bike, reminding yourself of all the other benefits of commuting to work by bicycle. Although it may not always be convenient to commute to work by bicycle, the benefits definitely make it an option worth considering.

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