Do your usual activities as a barista and prepare food menus.

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Do your usual activities as a barista and prepare food menus.

Best wishes.
The holy month of Ramadan will soon pass, this blessed month will be replaced by the month of Shawwal that is only counting the days.

For this time, I try to share a little story of my life's journey today, hopefully with the presence of this post can provide positive things for all of us.


Today, Tuesday, 04/05/2021 is a very busy and tiring day for me in the afternoon, where in that afternoon I am busy with activities and routines as a Barista at one of the cafes where I work.

Today we get orders from youth associations where they break their fast together at our place, dozens of food and drinks that we ordered have to be finished until it is time to break the fast. Not only do I serve fresh drink concoctions, but I also help friends to prepare food menus.



As for today we receive orders totaling approximately 60 portions of food and drinks that have been ordered, after the Asr prayer we immediately prepare a place for them. We arrange chairs, tables and other necessities neatly, we also complete the preparation for food needs.

The menu of Grilled Chicken Rice was their main menu choice, my friends and I immediately prepared the menu. The preparations we do are cooking rice, preparing food spices and grilling the chicken, one by one the chicken that has been boiled first we bake until cooked.



After the meal is finished, the waiter immediately prepares and serves the food at the serving table. But I immediately cleaned myself and continued my next activities and routines, while the activity I did was serving various drinks that had been ordered. Drink various types of fruit juices, coffee and tea one by one I prepare for customers.

The large number of orders made the body feel very tired, but with high morale, I managed to finish the drink to enjoy. After this activity I took the time to rest while waiting for the time to break the fast, not long after the time for breaking the fast arrived, a cup of cold tea and rice accompanied me when I broke my fast today.



After customers enjoy their iftar menu at our place, my colleagues and I immediately clean the table and wash dishes, glasses and other utensils. After the activity was over, I immediately took a break from today's activities.




That's my story of Ramadan today, hopefully it will be useful for all of us. We apologize if there is a wrong word or it is not pleasing to the heart.

Best wishes.


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