Doing activities in the month of Ramadan with enthusiasm.

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Doing activities in the month of Ramadan with enthusiasm.

This month, I do so many activities every day, in a month full of blessings in the condition of fasting, the activities I go through require extraordinary energy. In carrying out these activities, of course I am required to carry out activities with satisfactory results.

The story of my life journey that I went through on 04/05/2021 I will present in this post.

The sun shone brightly started my morning activities, after taking a shower I immediately started doing activities to go gardening, in the plantation I took care of several types of plants that were almost entering the harvest period. Gardening activities are my activities in my spare time, in this place I can contemplate myself for a moment from the hubbub of noise that occurs in the city.

In the garden, what I do besides taking care of a few plants is to clear a slightly large plantation area, I cut off some annoying tree branches as well as monitor the development of some plants that will come during the harvest period. Banana plants are one of my concerns in the garden, I am afraid of being attacked by pests, I immediately take care of this plant properly, what I do is spray anti-pest medication on the banana tree trunk.

Some of the banana trees have produced decent fruit, some can be picked or harvested. But this time the bananas don't grow as big as usual, this may be affected by the lack of water in these plants, so far the rain in my area also doesn't fall as it should.

After harvesting, I kept the bananas in one of the huts in the plantation area, I took time to rest for a while, this was because I was getting tired and feeling thirsty. Due to the fasting condition, I did not force the activities in the garden as usual. When I was in the garden until the sun was above my head, then I took a step back home.

There was nothing I did at home, when I got home, I immediately took the time to perform the dzuhur prayer, after praying I immediately took time to rest with my family at home.

When I greeted him in the afternoon, what I did was perform the Asr prayer, after praying I immediately went to work as usual. I still work as a barista as usual, but during the holy month of Ramadan I come to work in the afternoon. This is because the cafe where I work during the holy month of Ramadan opens in the afternoon after Asr prayer and closes when the time of dawn approaches.

At work, I carry out the tasks that are my responsibility, together with our friends, carry out the routine to completion. Today we get orders from youth associations where they break their fast together at our place, dozens of food and drinks that we ordered have to be finished until it is time to break the fast. Not only do I serve fresh drink concoctions, but I also help friends to prepare food menus.

As for today we receive orders totaling approximately 60 portions of food and drinks that have been ordered, after the Asr prayer we immediately prepare a place for them. We arrange chairs, tables and other necessities neatly, we also complete the preparation for food needs.

The menu of Grilled Chicken Rice was their main menu choice, my friends and I immediately prepared the menu. The preparations we do are cooking rice, preparing food spices and grilling the chicken, one by one the chicken that has been boiled first we bake until cooked.

After the meal is finished, the waiter immediately prepares and serves the food at the serving table. But I immediately cleaned myself and continued my next activities and routines, while the activity I did was serving various drinks that had been ordered. Drink various types of fruit juices, coffee and tea one by one I prepare for customers.

The large number of orders made the body feel very tired, but with high morale, I managed to finish the drink to enjoy. After this activity I took the time to rest while waiting for the time to break the fast, not long after the time for breaking the fast arrived, a cup of cold tea and rice accompanied me when I broke my fast today.

After enjoying the food and drink for breaking the fast, I went straight to the prayer room to perform the maghrib prayer, together with a few friends and visitors, we performed the maghrib prayer in congregation.

After customers enjoy their iftar menu at our place, my colleagues and I immediately clean the table and wash dishes, glasses and other utensils. After the activity was over I immediately took time to rest Don't take a moment from the activity. Then I cleaned myself and rushed to perform the evening prayer and tarawih at the nearest mosque, some friends also carried out this obligation, we headed to the mosque on foot, since the distance was not far away.

After praying, several friends and I immediately returned to the workplace to carry out activities that have become our responsibility, we continue to go through activities at the cafe with great enthusiasm. I have prepared several food and beverage orders for visitors, providing the best service for visitors is something we have to do.

When the dawn period arrived, we stopped activities at the cafe and returned to take a break from these activities and routines.





























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