How to Do Kip Up To Get Up From the Ground Fast

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In your martial arts training, you will learn different things. Well, you are not doing gymnastics. Sometimes it looks like you are doing gymnastics from outside.

You need to be flexible. At the same, you have to have strength. When you use your strength, flexibility and techniques, you can make different moves.

Let's see how you can do kip up. When you fall on the ground, you should get up as soon as you can. So you can do kip up to rise from the ground.

Before any training, it is always recommended doing the warm-up. Then you are ready to move on. You have to increase your strength in your hands. You can do push up. You can do stretching to be more flexible.

To do kip up, first, lie on the ground. Bend your knees and bring your feet closer. Put your hands behind your head. Then push with both hands and jump.

Let me share with you another trick that you can use to learn it effectively and fast. Try not to practice on a flat surface at the beginning. Start practicing on a surface that is curved; it should be slightly up. It would be easier to do kip up.

When you are good at it, you can practice on a flat surface. Hope you can learn to do kip fast. You can watch this video to see how to do kip up.


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