Self Sefense For Kids

in Self Defense Care6 months ago

Your kids are smart. And they can learn fast. Sometimes they do something that surprises you. You can teach your kids martial arts.


In this video, you will see a brave little girl's training. You need to understand the fact. When an adult tries to kidnap your little daughter, she can strike hard. But that might not make enough damage because she is little.

At the early age, she/he will learn different things step by step. When it comes to self defense for kids, you should teach your kids verbal self defense.

A little girl or boy has something that we adult lost. A kid can scream really loud. So your daughter/boy can use her/his video as a defense. Teach your kids to say, "stranger, you are a stranger. I don't know you."

When someone is forcing your kids and trying to kidnap her, if she just screams, other people might ignore that thinking the kidnapper as a relative. When your kid says "stranger, I don't know you," that sends the clear message, and hope other people will come to rescue her.

Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Stay safe. Always be happy!