The Supernatural Balance of the Ninja

in Self Defense Care6 months ago

If you lose your balance and cannot stand, you cannot fight. Maybe you are stronger, but you cannot use your strength if you are not able to keep your body balance.

Different martial artists have different skills. They learn different martial arts, it is amazing to see their skills. In this video, you are going to see the supernatural balance of the Ninja.


Your training has a huge impact on how you move and fight. If it is a flat surface, you can easily keep your balance. If it is not, you will have problems. You do not know where you have to fight to protect yourself. So you have to be ready to face any situation.

You need to pay attention to your footwork. You might not think it that important, but it is very important indeed. When you are good at footwork and have balance, you can make your moves effectively.

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