Why Does It Seem Elbow Strike Is Not Effective In A Fight For Self Defense?

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You can use your hands, legs, shoulder, or any part of the body to strike. Whether you learn martial arts or not, you are familiar with some strikes. Although many people know about the elbow strike, if you do not do it right, you will not find it effective for self-defense. It seems that an elbow strike is not a good strike that you can use in a fight.

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Elbow strike is one of the most powerful strikes that you can use in a fight for self-defense. You think it is not that effective, maybe because you are not doing it right. When you strike, you have to use your elbow. If you are not able to generate power, it will not make serious damage.

Maybe you are not able to generate power when you do an elbow strike. You hit with your elbow, you are not only using your elbow but also you are using your whole body behind the strike. When you do an elbow strike, you move your body a little bit to generate power. If you only move your elbow, your strike will not be powerful. So now move your body while doing elbow strikes. It will make a huge difference.

No matter how powerful a strike is, you have to hit the attacker's body, otherwise, it will be useless. There are different distances in a fight like punching range, kicking range. If you do an elbow strike in a kicking range, you will never be able to hit the opponent's body. Your elbow strike will not do anything, no matter how powerful it is.

You have to be in a close range. Only then you will be able to hit your opponent with elbow strikes. Now if you go directly to the close range, the attacker will not stand there and let you get close to him. He will definitely do something to strike or move from there. You have to fight and during the fight, you need to get close to him in order to do elbow strikes.

If you lean forward at the time of doing an elbow strike, you cannot generate power. Sometimes some students lean forward when they do elbow strikes with a view to hitting the opponent's body. You might touch the opponent's body leaning forward, but your elbow strike will not be powerful. Instead of leaning forward, just step forward and do elbow strikes.

So what do you think about elbow strikes? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading the post.

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This article is spot on!

Someone who practices martial arts or has any background in martial arts can understand it better. Thank you so much @hidave for your feedback!