Determination Of A Poor Girl

in Education7 months ago

Riya had a strong passion for sport even when she was from a low-income family that was not even able to afford basic daily needs.

Her family situation did not stop her from following her passion in sports.

She was not able to afford the professional sport equipment but she worked hard daily with improvised sport equipment instead.

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Her peers mocked her and even called her a beggar but she continued to push herself forward.

When she participated in a competition, she made shoes out of tapes since she was unable to afford a pair of sport shoes.

Everyone was surprised when she won all three races even when she did not have proper shoes.

The whole world got to know about her and she received help in many ways since she inspired many around the world.

Our kids should learn that they may face challenges in their lives but they would be able to achieve their aims when they do not give up easily.


Impresionante, pero cierto, la determinación
lleva a superarse a pesar de las dificultades.

Nice story, but that youtube video seems to be narrated by AI.