Actively engaging a group of tennis students on one tennis ground(tennis coaching video)

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Lined up my tennis students and controlled the ball to each one of them. Each had to play one ball then give chance to the next other one in the line to do the same. They played the ball in a rotation. It was such a creative way to keep them active and engaged.

Enjoy the video

In the due process, they had something to learn from each other while playing the ball in the rotation. They all had a challenge of hitting the ball perfectly back to me. Those who did so were admired and others greatly desired to play like them.

The kids are quite sturbon. They like over talking which I believe makes them lose the focus and concentration on the ball. I had to keep silencing them every time I had one try to come up with a discussion in the midst of a busy tennis training moment.

We had to maximise the little time I oftenly sacrifice to train them. Just 2 hours is not much time to even waist a minute in other unrelated staff around the tennis ground.

The weather was just a favorable one for the training. Since we are outdoors we don't want it to rain because when it does so, the whole place gets so wet and muddy hence hindering us from enjoying the game.

About Mukono tennis Academy
This is a charitable tennis organization focused on helping young people in learning the tennis sport as a way of improving and transforming their state of lives.

Follow up


Nice shot there. Where is M-Tennis-Academy located? Other details about the team?

It's located in Uganda. Added some more details to it.

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