Boosting up the Children's physical fitness - [Tennis Coaching video 5]

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These kids competed with another in a mini running competition for purposes of boosting up their level of physical fitness. They were running and picking up balls, one at a time from one point to another. The older ones did 20 balls and the little ones did 10 balls.

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These benefited greatly in this creative running competition. Their level of fitness was upgraded. I really want them to be physically fit because tennis is a very challenging game that requires someone to be physically fit.

Besides that, these children had fun in the process. Sometimes doing the same thing over and over can make children bored, loss of concentration, and also morale for the game.

We are moving forward in this tennis sports game. By engaging in such activities, it’s improving their level of endurance. During the challenging moments ahead when they are facing tough tennis opponents, these will be in a much better position to put up a remarkable performance.

No more boredom at home, these are now very actively involved in some valuable sporting activities. This is improving and sustaining their health standards.

About Mukono tennis Academy
This is a charitable tennis organization focused on helping young people in learning the tennis sport as a way of improving and transforming their state of lives.

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