Consistent tennis rallies with the students (tennis coaching video)

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Played a couple of consistent tennis rallies with my students. Some of these kids have now really learnt how to rally the ball for some time. Have you ever watched me play some tennis? I used a small babies racket to rally with them.

checkout the video

This time around I also decided to pick up the racket and just play with them as I kept on reminding them of what they ought to do and what they to correct while keeping the rally going on.

They stood on the other side of our tennis ground as I kept on feeding them with the balls. The balls came in to them consistently so that they could get more active and engaged. It was one ball per person.

At least I was able to play with them some 3-5 rallies without the ball getting messed up. Tennis is more fan when players can hold the ball in the game play for quite some time without stopping it out due to unforced errors. Their current performance has now given me an assurance that these kids are now greatly improving on their tennis game on daily basis.

The more practice is the more perfection. I will always keep practicing with them by controlling some good number of balls so that they can become more confident and consistent in the tennis game play.

Due to our small playing ground and my plan of concentrating more on a few of them, I had to make some of them to stand aside as they watched and learned from their colleagues.

Other kids were helping out in picking up the balls so that we could have the session going on consistently without having to stop and spend some time collecting the scattered balls.


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