Introducing - Mukono Tennis Sport Academy

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A charitable tennis organization focused on helping young people in learning the tennis sport as a way of improving and transforming their state of lives.


I kick-started this initiative during my nation’s total lock-down after seeing lots of young people in my home area very bored and inactive during the long time lockdown situation. I believe something good can be extracted out of a bad situation.

There is a lot of sports talent hidden in young people. These need initiatives like this to aid them in unlocking the hidden talent in them as far as sports is concerned.

Sports have impacted millions of lives of people on the face of the earth where people who were nobodies have turned out to be great, influential, and valuable people in society courtesy of their successful sports careers.

The level of employment in Uganda is still high regardless of the level of education that many have attained. People have focused so much on academics and neglected the opportunities in the sports field.

This is an opportunity for young people to use the tennis sport to unlock opportunities that are trapped in the sports field. It is also something that will change their entire course of lives reason being that they will have found a great avenue to socialize and engage valuably with their fellow tennis sport like-minded people.

Mukono tennis academy will officially be situated in Mukono-district and in a remote area of Nsuube. I want to impact the community of Mukono by introducing this tennis sport to the many young people in this area. I am looking forward to seeing great tennis players rising up in the midst of this challenging world who will be of great value to the community and Uganda as a nation.

I have a passion for the game of tennis. I have played the sport for over 15 years. The tennis sport skill was passed on to me by my late dad “Eric Ofuyuru” who was a tennis legend in this nation. It was so unfortunate that he passed on at an early age. Before his death, he wished that I follow in his footsteps by becoming a tennis coach in order to be able to build on his tennis sports legacy in the country. This is also one of my core inspiration and motivation to run such a charitable tennis academy initiative.

There are challenges at hand and ahead of this initiative but with dedication and co-operation with other generous individuals and entities it will surely thrive and accomplish its goals and objectives.


What is currently needed?
Sports equipment such as tennis balls, tennis rackets, tennis net, tennis balls basket, volunteering tennis coaches, a tennis court, and sports attires.

This academy is still under construction as many new ideas are yet to be incorporated to see it thrive and become sustainable. At the moment the academy will rely more on donations from the different generous individuals out there and the various tennis sports organizations that will deem it fit to contribute to its sustainability and development.

This is founded by @yohan2on and all the earnings and support from this account will be used to facilitate and develop this project.

Opened up a Twitter account:

In conclusion, I am so excited about the hundreds and thousands of young people that will be impacted through this tennis academy initiative.

Take a look at some of the training sessions I have held so far.

For more sessions visit:
The youtube channel

Do you have any suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments section below:


Great initiatives and hopefully this will bring out professional tennis 🎾 players from Uganda 🇺🇬. This is one of the best ways to discover young talents and inspire them to a greater height.

You can as well join LBRY:$/invite/@dfacademy:d and sync your YouTube channel along with your account. Earning from this platform will also bootstrap your academy, good luck 🎲

Thanks so much @dfacademy for your kind words. This will surelly atttract tennis players in Uganda to this platform. Let me head over to and do the needful.

Well done!

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