Proper timing of the ball in tennis [Tennis coaching video 8]

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We worked on the timing of the ball. A tennis player has to have a proper timing on the ball in order not to miss the ball and rather have it played back to the opponent’s side.
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When a player swings the racket earlier before the ball bounces on the ground. That’s being too quick and it eventually leads to the wrong timing on the ball. A player has to wait patiently for the ball to bounce and then swings his racket as he hits the ball back to the opponent’s side.

I had to keep correcting and reminding these kids on the timing aspect in order to reduce the chances of playing the ball wide/out of the court.

The timing on the ball is a very important aspect as it keeps the player from making lots of unforced errors on the court. Proper timing on the ball also aids a player in playing consistently.

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This is a charitable tennis organization focused on helping young people in learning the tennis sport as a way of improving and transforming their state of lives.

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Excellent video. But is this video recent because I have not seen anyone there with face mask. Nice concept though. Keep it up.