Worked on the children’s tennis footwork [Tennis Coaching Video 6]

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We had to focus on the footwork today in our tennis practice. The footwork is very important in tennis as it helps a tennis player to have more stability on the ground. A tennis player can easily fall away if he uses the wrong footwork.

Check out the video:

The tennis ball can be very fast on the court depending on your opponent's tennis level. The proper footwork includes stepping in with the left foot when going for the forehand and stepping in with the right foot when playing the back-hand.

Using the Proper footwork helps a player to have enough timing on the ball as it helps him position himself quickly for the incoming ball. Without proper timing on the ball, it can lead to a loss of many points on the court to the opponent.

About Mukono tennis Academy
This is a charitable tennis organization focused on helping young people in learning the tennis sport as a way of improving and transforming their state of lives.

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