Almost the Odds…

in Sports Betting2 months ago

Betman was looking forward to put Europa League odds at BetScorum today. But the resourceful BetScorum development team has managed to kill his enthusiasm in a heartbeat…

If you are asking:


…you just have to look at the screenshots of those two games at BetScorum:



Even if you know the pairs for this quarter-final stage, it is hard to evade that sense of investment chills around your SCR wallet, seeing what is written up there. Furthermore, we already have the pairs of the semifinals, and those are – as expected – WTF4 vs. WTF2 and WTF3 vs. WTF1. Both matches are marked with three sixes. How quaint…

Would you entrust your hard-earned savings, after two years of painstakingly following Betman’s modestly brilliant stuff&nonsense followed by nervous breakdowns and intensified by jumping SCR values up and down – to someone who isn’t quite sure who is really meeting in the quarter-finals and has a phone number of Antichrist?

Don’t try to answer, it’s a rhetorical question…

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