Betting against Bill and NBB Odds for July 19th

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Are we at the beginning of the unlikely clash? As the economic crash looms, the traces of conflict between the mighty Plutocratic Corporate interests and a tough Sports Mafia Syndicate are also looming. How this will affect BetScorum?

You really can’t overlook a devastating effects of coronavirus hoax to the Sports Mafia Syndicate profits. They are too hungry to get satisfied only with esports. Not even Arsenal win over Manchester City can cover the fact. But this time, the are up to even tougher power: a conglomerate of financial, pharmaceutical and almost intelligence plutocratic mafia. In this conflict of interests, the stronger one promises the destruction of the other. There is a division among the plutocratic assholes in this powerful group. One who suspect “Soccer” is actually a code word behind the SCR, only force in the universe that could destroy financial system they control, and the other who got a dreadful fear of anything starts with ‘Soc’, which reminds them of ‘socialism’. Inside both groups there are several Archassholes who simply can’t stand any joy among the people if they are not profit from it:

I hate soccer48qorv.jpg

Not that Betman would give you some ideas, but if he was a member of Sports Mafia Syndicate, he would seriously consider so called ‘The Godfather’ solution to the problem with plutocracy.

Of course, we at BetScorum cannot wait a resolution of their standoff. However, we can resist.

Michelle of the resistance48qpuk.jpg

Thank you Michelle of the resistance, I was just going to say that. So, Betman will tell you the key things. We can resist by creating joy in spite of Archassholes. We can organize our own competitions and bet on them. We can send tips for the incomparable Scorum Loyalty program for betting bloggers for July, we can bet our joy against Bill Gates the Turd, and help SCR really destroy financial plutocracy… Oh, you don’t gave odds to bet? Here, Betman has some:




Are you going to enjoy then?

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#arrestbillgates !
That would be awesome if the "Sports Mafia" goes to war with
#killbill , but who owns the "Sports Mafia"..?