Coronavirus Betting Intermezzo

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What are we going to do with the first post at BetScorum is as devoid of contents as a corporate media of truth. Nothing there. Not even on a horizon. No sports at all, and everyone is just talking about Coronavirus through their masks…

So, why do we have a mindless coronavirus hysteria? You see, all our lives we have lived in a World of fraud. Our true needs have been replaced by fun&games. Our true need is an efficient medical service. But money was lacking for the medical doctors, so the World’s Neymars (transfer of €222 million), Ronaldos (transfer of €100 million and around $350 millions more during 4 years of contract), Federers ($93.4 millions), LeBrons ($37.5 million), etc… could be paid. BTW, an average salary of a university professors in the US of A is around $4,000 (how much would that be in SCR?) Are we witnessing a Doctors Revenge? Did you get a stupid advice to use a protection in every social contact?

What do you mean stupid.jpg

Don’t worry, Betman has bring you best specialists sheeple’s money can buy. OK, let’s see what advice Dr. Neymar has for you, regarding Coronavirus:


I guess you passed your education with flying colors, but you are of no use in CoronaScam game, Neym. Have a nice day, we are going to search for a better specialist. Who’s next? Dr. Federer?

Wash your hands-index.jpg

Right. I guess you have earned your yearly $93.4 millions, Roger. But let’s see a second opinion. Or third, depending how you count. Dr. Ronaldo?


That looks like a sensible advice, Dr. Ronaldo. Are we allowed to watch motocross?

That looks like enough protection. You only have to hold tight for your props…

And your knickers…

Your @Betman reports from the mad country where they all are watching TV explaining how dangerous the virus – which killed two persons from the beginning of the year is (one 92 old woman) – while six people burned in the house where they where self-quarantined… and where it becomes ever harder to find a decent food. Junk food is delivered to the doors, though…

Anybody for a rebellion, or you would rather watching motocross over YouTube?

Find it all out at Scorum

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