Positively Dull August 2020 Results

in Sports Betting2 months ago

It was bizarre how quiet, calm and very modestly successful August was for Betman at BetScorum

As a tipster, Betman had almost a flatliner month at BetScorum with only four tips. Well, nobody really wanted to run for the ball in midsummer heat except a couple Scandinavians where the climate is better regulated, and a few unfortunates enslaved by something called Champions League:

Aug 5th: FC Copenhagen vs. Istanbul Basaksehir FK 1 @2.80 ✅ 3:0

See the tip here

Aug 9th: BK Hacken vs. Kalmar FF 1 @1.60 ❌ 0:2

See the tip here

Aug 12th: Atalanta Bergamasca vs. Paris Saint-Germain 1X @1,961 ❌ 1:2

See the tip here

Aug 18th: RB Leipzig vs. Paris SG X2 @1,26 ✅ 0:3

See the tip here

Only 2 wins, 2 losses with a slim +1.25% ROI. Don’t think Betman complains. On the contrary. Any positive outcome is welcome… aside of Corona test. Not because the virus is deadly, but because it’s story is stupefyingly dumb…

Zona sumraka4HFqJv9qRjVeVQzX3gvDHytNF793bg88B7fESPieLQ8dxJ7TwSLG6mFWmPp8GHhG2BaiEsKYbaGZjvm3H5XNdYAopEBXsaCprRWFxnsVa131GinckxybJKcX5AiS2jLqbyGzmhwhS2fFDFnorSgJfdgMVpuYq3MMfqG.jpg

If you fall for such a dumb propaganda, you certainly cannot expect success in such a complex mental activity as betting, proven by the unreal Scorum Loyalty Program for betting bloggers for July… that continues in September, October and any other month all until Scorum & BetScorum need some serious advertising.

Here’s Betman’s contribution to the uplifting Scorum & BetScorum advertising through the fantastic SCR value which is at the time of writing around 0.8 cents. Compare that with a terrible Bitcoin drop from $11,800 to $10,200… All of you who missed a chance to bet on SCR on this day, have a corrective chance to win over Betman’s odds:


And at the end, Betman’s personal brag: betting results in August. Much smaller volume even compared to July. Only 2423.21 SCR was invested against Betman, and he again had some luck. With so slow month, he is enormously satisfied with 604.83 SCR profit, which is almost five bucks. Alright, $4.84… How exciting.


Still, if we look it through ROI prism, the result was admirable with 24.87%, and Betman once again wants to extend another BIG THANKS to all of you who have accepted the challenge:

Thank You and Welcome to September!

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