Saved by the Virus! (March results)

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March has started surprisingly well for Betman. Even Chelsea didn’t dare to touch Betman’s tips in the matches against Liverpool and Everton. That was a really bad omen…

Betman was sailing smoothly through the betting sea of BetScorum all until March 11th, with some 370… alright 373.18 SCR profit. And on March 12th, two German bandit squads, Eintracht and Wolfsburg, robbed him of his 211,13 SCR by pretending that they can play football. You know, German pedigree, never surrender, especially at home, and all of that bunch of bullfakenews. Betman was ready for a big risk in the next bet, when suddenly…

A tiny virus-3vhivx.jpg

Yeah, like all those fans ever had any mind at all…


See what I mean? The only difference before and after the virus is that before they went berserk over some (mostly fixed) games of running and jumping for the ball. Totally insane, right? So, insanity switch from games to virus on March 13th, and in fact spare Betman of much heavier losses. Thanks to the virus, Betman can report another positive month, albeit with a modest profits:


Betman is practically saved by the virus! In 12 days of March, with a 2188.25 invested SCRs, he was good 162.05 SCR… Remember SCR? It was cryptoalmostcurrency not so long ago, with an impressive value of a third of a cent… Maybe Betman should only provide the information on ROI of 7.41% so you can imagine a profit in a real cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Can’t tell you if Scorum and BetScorum will go back to normal dysfunctional mode, but please stop watching TV. Yes, I know you can see there many politicians who are as interesting as hemorrhoids from medical textbooks, but please try to ponder a bit on your life while you are quarantined…

You do have a life, do you?

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